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Do you give a guarantee of your work?

Yes, we offer a 12-month Guarantee on One colour wheels and 3 months on Diamond cut finished wheels.
There are exceptions as with anything, read our  ‘small print’ below to avoid invalidating your Guarantee
Wheels have an anti-corrosion coating and copious amounts of acrylic powder clear coat applied to ensure a long-lasting finish.
We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, google ‘wheelsuk coventry‘ and take a look at our reviews.

‘Our Small Print’
Claims will be excluded from the guarantee in the cases of accidental kerbing, stone chipping, scuffing, impact damage, poor refitting of tyres by other parties and the obvious use of abrasive cleaning materials, acids etc.
We recommend only to clean wheels with a mild soapy detergent, pH neutral and acid-free and strongly advise against using car hand wash centres where the use of ‘Hydrochloric Acid’ (concrete cleaner) appears to be the norm, causing the clearcoat on wheels to turn milky with white deposits.
Periodically we advise you remove the wheels from the vehicle and clean thoroughly the inside of the wheel to remove build-up of brake dust etc that cannot be removed in situ, and whilst off we advise you remove the centre cap and clean the cap and area where dirt, salt from roads etc can become trapped and cause corrosion to commence.

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